Spa Prescription Facial

60 MINUTES £48

All facials are designed to be deeply relaxing and include 20 minutes of face and scalp massage, including lymphatic drainage and a 10 minute hand and arm massage.

Hydrating – Facial using hydrating serums and an exclusive hydra system mask to restore moisture balance to the skin.

Exotic Fruit – Using the finest natural seeds and fruit flakes, this effective facial will improve skin tone, smooth the skin and leave it fresh and radiant.

Hydro-Tautening – Double action facial to give deep hydration, but also an intense tautening effect, providing firmness and lift.

Clinical AOX Peel

40 MINUTES £50

A brand new 40 minutes treatment for all skin types (including sensitive).  Reduces fine lines, unifies skin tone, reduces high colour, intensly hydrates and is anti-oxidising.

Skin Zen Rose

60 MINUTES £55 

This amazing facial treats the effects that emotional stress has on the skin, whilst providing hydration for thirsty and dehydrated complexions. The light, calming feel is perfect if you suffer with, wrinkles, hyper-sensitivity, Rosacea and the effects of sun damage/ tanning.

Glycollagen Intensive

75 MINUTES £60 

The ultimate in advanced anti-ageing to provide dramatic results. This treatment commences with an intensive Glycolic Facial Peel to renew the skin at the deepest level and improve hydration levels. Then a powerful collagen mask is applied to stimulate the formation of new collagen fibres and regenerate the skin, providing a more youthful, firm and toned appearance.

Whilst being a highly effective treatment, it is also incredibly relaxing to receive.

Ultimate Lift

75 MINUTES £70 

The Timexpert Lift provides a facial that emulates the effects of surgical lifting.  Firmness is restored, features are lifted, wrinkles are faded.  

See the difference immediately, but as a monthly programme of four sessions, gives a progressive and lasting lift.


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