Give yourself a Winter tune up

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You have probably received an email from your garage recently, reminding you that now is the ideal time to have a Winter check up on your car. But, do you know what? You need that just as much, so read on, to find out more... 

When the weather starts to get colder, and we start turning up the central heating, it can play havoc with our skin. Walking the dog on a windy day, cheering loved ones on from the side of the sports field etc... Suddenly, you find you have chapped lips, dry cheeks, sore hands and so on.

So, here are some tips I hope you'll find helpful:

  • Exfoliate - this is one of the golden rules, and is ideal for face and body. But please make sure you choose a product that is suitable - don't be tempted to use a body exfoliator on your face, they are just too harsh. You can exfoliate your face once or twice per week, but no more. If you find yourself with a little more time at the weekend, then that's the perfect time to do it.  
  • Body oil - after exfoliating, try applying a body oil to damp skin - after your shower or bath is perfect. This really helps to lock in moisture, and combat dry skin.
  • Moisturiser - time to review whether this is working as well for you. It is a good idea to up the density of your moisturiser at this time of the year, moving from a lighter lotion to a richer cream.
  • Serum - if you'd like to give your skin an even better "feed", why not try a serum? You should apply this before your moisturiser. The serum will protect your skin, and help your moisturiser to work more effectively.
  • Facial oil - as an alternative to a serum you could consider a facial oil. Contrary to popular belief, this will not leave a greasy residue, and can really help hydrate your skin.
  • Lips - use a lip exfoliator to get rid of dry skin on your lips. Apply lip balm regularly, especially if you are often outside in the cold weather.
  • Hands - don't forget to wear gloves to keep your hands warm, and reduce the risk of chilblains. Don't be tempted to put your hands on the radiator the minute you get home either - that will play havoc with your skin. Use hand cream regularly, and apply cuticle oil to keep your cuticles nourished and promote good circulation in your nails. 
  • Feet - apply a generous layer of cream, put on cotton socks and snuggle up in front of the TV. The perfect time to catch up on Strictly! Or is that just me?
  • Drinking - keep drinking plenty of water to keep you and your skin hydrated. Why not try hot water with lemon or ginger - refreshing and good for your digestive system, so a double win! 

Naturally, I have some lovely treatments in the salon, perfectly suited to help you look after yourself in the Winter months. If you'd like to find out more, do contact me for a chat.

Nicky Parker