Relax - don't do it


I know just how hard it is to relax at home. I think females are just pre-programmed to be busy, and can always see what still needs to be done. Please tell me I'm not the only one with a never ending to do list!

But you do need to relax, so, here are some tips I hope you'll find helpful:

  • Time management - do what you can to manage your diary, and don't be afraid to say no! 
  • Regular tasks - look at things you do regularly and see if there is a pattern. Could you find an app to help you? Could someone else in your house do some of these things?
  • Precious me time - I know you're probably laughing, but we all need some 'me time'. Just make sure you use it wisely, doing something you enjoy not something you've been meaning to do. So yes, have a quiet read, paint your nails, have a play with new make up ideas.... you get the message!
  • Bath/shower time - most of the time we are rushing around, and don't take to appreciate the daily routine of washing. If you enjoy a bath, then definitely make sure you're making the most of that soak at least once per week. If you prefer showers, why not have an indulgent shower gel you use a couple of times per week, so you can smell gorgeous all day, and smile to yourself.
  • Not for best - this might sound daft, but don't keep everything for best. Wear gorgeous underwear whenever you fancy, not just for special occasions. You know you are looking lovely, and it's a huge confidence boost. Not exactly relaxing, but still very therapeutic!
  • Cooler days and nights - be sure you are adjusting your routines to suit the cooler weather - you might need to ramp up your moisturiser to combat the wind, central heating etc, and also remember to use hand cream. And don't forget to keep easily forgotten areas such as legs moisturised. 
    Keep warm with layers of clothing for going out - ideal if you are suddenly feeling rather warm too!  

There is nothing more relaxing than a wonderful full body massage. Why not try my Mediterranean Candle Massage. Choose from lavender (very relaxing) or citrus. The candle is lit, and then the warm melted candle forms an oil which is applied to your skin and massaged in. Perfect for easing tension, whilst hydrating and nourishing the skin.

If the Mediterranean Candle Massage sounds like just the thing for you, please contact me for an appointment.

Nicky Parker