Age is not how old you are


Firstly, what do we mean by mature skin? If you speak to most of the skincare companies and cosmetic houses, they will tell you 35-40. Yes, I know that seems way too young to me too, but you can't start too early when it comes to looking after your skin.

So, here are my top tips for looking after your skin:

  • Moisturiser - always use moisturiser - morning and night. Make sure you use one that is right for your skin type. The temptation is to use a rich cream, but for some skins that is too heavy.
    So make sure you get professional advice. You can use a slightly heavier night cream to help repair and renew skin at night, and a lighter one for under make up during the day.
  • Serum - consider using a serum (which you should put on under your moisturiser). Serums are great for helping to combat specific concerns, such as fine lines and wrinkles, or lifting and contouring.
  • Facial oil - these are becoming very popular, as they can really help your skin. Don't think of it as leaving an oily residue though, that's not what it is about - a good oil works on all skin types and is absorbed easily. I recommend Rose Hip Oil by Germaine de Cappucini. This oil can be used alone, or combined with your daily night or day moisturiser, to enhance moisturisation along with many other benefits, such as reducing inflamation, repairing scar tissue and dark spots. 
  • SPF - use a sun protection factor on all of your skin, but don't skimp on your face. Sun is one of the biggest culprits for ageing, so make sure you don't skip this. Some moisturisers and foundations have SPF built in, so do check.
  • Eye cream - I know we talked about this last month, but you should definitely be using an eye cream every day to try and minimise the lines around your eyes, which can be a giveaway
  • Decolletage - don't forget this area and your neck. Bring your moisturiser down onto your neck and chest to keep that skin moist and plump.  
  • Skincare products - use skincare products that are suited to both your skin and age range. Many cosmetic and skincare companies offer tiered products suitable for 40s, 50s, 60+. These will have different ingredients like increased levels of collagen and elastin, to counteract the ageing effect 
  • Exfoliate - At least once a week exfoliate your complexion with a suitable scrub.  Exfoliating is important to remove dead skin cells and renew the skin.  Dead skin cells sitting on your skin's surface restricts the pathway for your moisturiser or serum - so it can't do its job. 
  • Make up - are you still applying your cosmetics the same way you did 10 years ago? Are you maybe even using the same products? It's probably time to review that. Looks move on, and keeping to old styles can age you unnecessarily. You know where to come if you want some advice...

My Timexpert Lift and Contour facial is a fantastic choice for ladies from 35 plus.Using the gorgeous products from Germaine de Cappucini, including their revolutionary V-Matrix complex.

In a controlled assessment, 99-100% of the ladies tested reported these results after just one treatment. For maximum benefit, I recommend a course of three treatments.

If you'd like to try the Timexpert Lift and Contour, please contact me to book an appointment.

Nicky Parker