The window to your soul


Eyes really do need tender loving care. The eye itself is very delicate, but so is the skin surrounding it. It is very thin, so only needs the lightest touch - no dragging.

Here are my top tips for looking after your peepers:

  • Eye make up remover - always remove your eye make up every night before going to bed. Use a remover specially formulated for eye make up - modern mascaras and gel eye liners can be difficult to remove. Use a cotton wool pad and stroke it over the eye from the inside to the outside edge.
    I often recommend Simple make-up remover for a gentle non-oily but excellent remover. The Germaine de Capuccini Bi-Phase remover is gentle, but highly effective at removing all waterproof eye products.
  • Cotton buds - these help to remove mascara and eyeliner, especially from the under eye area, which can really hold onto make up.
  • Eye cream - use your ring finger to apply eye cream - it is the one that uses the least pressure. Don't get the cream too close to the actual eye - do underneath and the brow bone down to around the crease - don't go to the lash line. Less is more with the amount of product - too much can cause puffiness. You can always add more, but start with an amount no bigger than an earring butterfly. Pat on, do not rub. Ideally, apply eye cream morning and night.
  • Test make up - before buying eye liners test them on the back of your hand. Don't buy anything that feels hard, or doesn't immediately show. The last thing you want is an eye pencil that you have score backwards and forwards.  
  • Eyeliner recommendations - Nars (cruelty free), Clinique (hypo-allergenic), Estee Lauder or MAC prolong wear (long staying power). You do get what you pay for with eyeliner, I'm afraid.
  • Eye drops - during the Summer months many of us can suffer with scratchy eyes, whilst that can be due to hay fever, it can also be after a long day, or driving. Using a couple of eye drops can revive and brighten the eyes. I suggest lying down to apply the drops, and laying with your eyes closed for about 5 minutes to achieve the best results.

It's all about the brows these days, and this is one of my favourite subjects! Eyebrows give the face "balance" and frame the eyes, enhancing colour and brightness. Brow tinting can help improve definition and give the appearance of volume, along with a good brow shape, which, of course, I can help you with too.

Please contact me if you would like to book an appointment for a lash or brow tint or shape.

Nicky Parker