I want to hold your hand...


Our hands are so easily forgotten, and yet they are integral part of who we are. We often move them around to help us communicate, to show affection, to dance... the list goes on.

So, what should you be doing to look after your hands?

Here are my top tips:

  • Rubber gloves - always use gloves to protect your hands when washing up or using harsh cleaning products. All household cleaners are very drying and can be really tough on your nails and delicate skin.
  • Hand cream - use a light hand cream after washing your hands to keep them moisturised. You can use a slightly richer one at night, when your skin is "resting", and you don't have to tackle chores with "greasy" hands.
  • SPF - suncream or hand cream with an SPF is just as important for your hands as your face. Hands show age spots very quickly, and using an SPF will help to combat that, and keep your hands looking more youthful. 
  • Base coat - when painting your nails at home, always use a base coat. This protect your nails, and stop them becoming discoloured. It also lays a foundation, helping to make the varnish stay on for longer.
  • Keep polish in the fridge - when the weather is hot, try putting your varnish in the fridge. It stops it going thick quite so quickly. Actually, this applies to quite a lot of cosmetics, but nobody's fridge has endless room!

If you know painting your nails is not your thing, then how about visiting me for a manicure with a gel polish? Please contact me if you would like to arrange an appointment.

Nicky Parker