Become a bronzed babe


Self tanning has come a long way in recent years. The cliched orange streaky tan with the giveaway smell is no longer necessary. But getting it right can still be a bit of a challenge.

Here are my top tips:

  • Exfoliate first - there are plenty of exfoliators, but if you tan regularly, look for one formulated to remove old tan. Even better, use exfoliating gloves to apply your exfoliator and you get a double whammy!
  • Moisturise - use a light moisturiser or body lotion on dry areas such as knees, elbows and feet. Feet and hands very often "grab" colour, so moisturiser will help to combat that problem.
  • Choose wisely - there are different strokes for different folks as the saying goes. If you are in a hurry and just want to add a little colour for a one off occasion, an instant tan is a good choice, as it washes off with soap and water. If you have dry skin, the gradual build up colour, often incorporated into a body lotion works well - giving you colour after several days. 
  • Mitts - try a tanning mitt for a more even coverage, and use long sweeping motions rather than circular ones.
  • Bottom up - start at your legs/feet and work your way up, or you will smudge all your hard work.
  • Be wardrobe savvy - if you're doing your tan at home, try to avoid light colour clothing while it is developing - colour on your outfit will be a big giveaway! If you do get any tan on your clothes use a stain remover, before putting in the wash. 
  • Protect your bed clothes - the dance professionals on Strictly often talk about the perpetual stains on bed clothes, so use a darker sheet, or lay on a towel, if you're leaving your tan to "cook" overnight.
  • Keep moisturising - whether you apply tan at home, or want to prolong your salon tan, keep your skin moisturised. This will also help the tan fade more evenly, rather than in tell tale patches.

If this all seems a bit daunting, or too much like hard work, then why not try one of my spray tans? Please give me a buzz to arrange your appointment on 07785 902 969.

Nicky Parker