Your feet are made for dancing!


Anyone who knows me well, knows I am hugely into dancing! So, I just couldn't resist the urge to drop in a dancing reference...

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In the meantime, here are some tips I shared in a recent newsletter about looking after your feet at home:

  • Rough skin removal - there are a myriad of products on the market to help with this. A foot file is a great option, as they usually have a rougher side for removing, and a smoother side to soften - the Leighton Denny one has been recommended to me, so it might be worth a try. Or you could try one of the "pedi machines", which is like a battery operated pumice stone.
  • Exfoliating creams - as an alternative you could try an exfoliating cream, which is fine if you have limited rough skin to remove.
  • Please don't be tempted to try and cut rough or hard skin off your feet. If the skin really is that bad I recommend visiting a podiatrist (apparently they don't like being called chiropodists anymore!)
  • Moisturise - keep hard or rough skin and cracked heels at bay by regularly moisturising your feet. A good time to do it is just before bed, when your feet have time to rest, and even better if you can put cotton socks on to help the cream absorb. Probably not ideal in the warmer weather though! 
  • Check for abnormalities - you know your feet best, so keep an eye on them. If a toenail is lifting or discoloured it can be a sign you have a fungal nail infection; if you have sore or cracked skin between toes it can be an indication of athlete's foot, and so on. If you have any concerns, do visit your doctor or a podiatrist for further advice. Please don't leave anything unchecked.
  • Exercises - we are all hugely busy and it is very easy to neglect our feet. Even if you regularly play a sport or dance, you should still consider doing exercises to stretch and use the muscles of your feet. There are lots of videos you can watch on YouTube to help with feet exercises. Try this one for starters: Foot Exercise video
  • Shoes - try and vary the shoes you wear rather than wearing the same pair every day. This allows your shoes to breathe and dry out, and helps if you suffer from foot odour. It's also a good idea, if you wear heels, to vary heel height to rest your feet and calves. Equally, embrace the opportunity to go barefoot when possible. 

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