Love the skin you're in

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Whilst nothing beats the fantastic effects of a professional facial, you also need to take care of your skin at home.

Here are some tips I shared recently in one of my newsletters:

  • Cleansing routine - maintain a good regime of cleansing, toning and moisturising every day - preferably morning and evening.
  • Remove make up thoroughly - experts now recommend the "double cleanse" method - this is where you literally cleanse your face twice, to remove all traces of make up. No matter how tired you are, never go to bed with your make up on. 
  • Sleep - and talking of bed, make sure you get sufficient sleep - your face is the first sign of tiredness. It's also when the skin cells renew - so it's pretty crucial.
  • Good diet - we all have days when we need to grab something quick and easy, and that's fine. But try to ensure you have a good balanced diet with fruit and vegetables, and keep naughty things as occasional treats.
  • Water - I know it sounds boring, but drinking plenty of water is essential too. I'm not going to prescribe the amount, as each body is different, but try to get in at least 3-4 glasses each day as a minimum. Remember, whilst all liquid is good, alcohol and caffeine dehydrates, so they won't help your skin.  
  • Sunglasses - at the slightest hint of brightness get those sunnies out! Squinting is not a good look, and encourages crow's feet. Plus sunglasses protect the very delicate skin around your eyes.
  • SPF - ideally you should wear an SPF (sun protection factor) every day, even under make up. This helps reduce premature ageing from the sun.
  • Supplements - if you want to help your skin even further you could take a vitamin B supplement, which is the one for healthy skin, nails and hair.

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