Serums - What you need to know

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This month I'm going to share some handy info with you about serums:

  • Different to moisturiser - serums have a higher concentrate of ingredients than moisturisers, and also a different structure, making them lighter in texture. They are little work horses, working behind the scenes to improve your skin.

  • When to apply - you won't need a serum all the time - in fact, if you use it every day, you won't feel the benefits. But do try one when you're stressed, coming back from holiday, or the climate change. Hey, look at that - Autumn/Winter months are here - so it's time to try a serum... 

  • What stage to apply - there are so many facial products on the market now, it's easy to get confused about what to apply when. The rule for serum is this: Cleanse, tone, serum, then moisturiser. Leave for a minute or so for the serum to soak in before applying your moisturiser. 

  • How to apply - don't waste any of that goodness... apply it straight from the bottle onto your face - don't rub it into your hands first - you'll lose too much.

  • Where to apply - Face, neck and décolletage. 

  • Time of day - morning and night. 

  • Which one - there are lots of serums available, both in the lovely Germaine de Capuccini range, and the high street or online. Serums are usually designed for specific concerns, so make sure you choose one to suit your needs. I can advise you if you would like help. 

  • Expected results - it depends on the serum you are using, but it can take anything from a few days to 4 weeks to see a difference. The key is to keep using it consistently twice per day - then you won't be disappointed. 

If you feel you still need more information, please contact me to discuss the best serum for you.

Nicky Parker