Colour Me Gorgeous

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This month I'm going to look at nail colour trends for Autumn/Winter 2018/19:

  • Length - before we leap into colours, just a tiny bit about length. The trend seems to have moved to either shorter squarer or medium length oval shaped. So no agonising if you can't grow your nails super long!

  • Finish - whilst matte is still around, gloss and high gloss is very on trend. There has also been some semi matte finishes released - a kind of half way house, more like a satin finish.

So, onto colours...

  • Deep reds - this is the biggie for this Autumn/Winter. Burgundy, wine, berry, plum, chocolate red (yes, that really is a thing!). Just gorgeous, and one of my personal favourites.

  • Nudes - never out of fashion, but more choice than you might think - beige, taupe, pale pinks, gold or silver. So classy...

  • Earthy tones - a nude extension, but super easy as these are so neutral. Think warm terracotta, paprika and chocolate shades. Oh, and a little green, if you're daring...

  • Blue - another "in" colour. All shades of blue, but seeing quite a bit of navy. Nice for a change, and still rather sophisticated, particularly the navy.

  • Black - perhaps a little more "out there", but rather fun to try. Awesome for Halloween parties too!

  • Grey/lavender - these are quite tricky colours, and don't suit everyone. If you have a very warm skin tone (more yellow spectrum than blue), you might struggle with these shades. But, by all means, give it a go.

  • Metallics - always popular, especially in the run up to Christmas (gasp, did I say that already?). But beyond just gold, silver, bronze and copper. Think purples and greens too - these are very vibrant and not for the faint hearted!

  • Glitter - either colours that have a high glitter content, or you can add a clear top coat with glitter to add some sparkle to your favourite colour. Glitter polishes are notoriously difficult to remove, so be sure to hold a cotton pad soaked in remover on each nail for a few seconds. And be prepared to get through several pads!

Rather somebody else painted your nails? No problem - give me a call and book an appointment.

Nicky Parker