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This month, I'm going to look at the latest nail fashions and how to adopt them:

For what's on trend, usually the beauty editors take a look at what the catwalk models are wearing during the popular fashion weeks. So, what did they see for Winter 2017/18?

Nail length - in all honesty anything goes! There were plenty of short, square nails, so if you have problems growing your nails, or a job that necessitates shorter nails, that is good news. But don't worry if you like a longer nail because squared oval nails were also popular, or, if you're feeling all 50 Shades, what about stiletto nails? I know, pretty scary!

Luckily, if you want to remain classic, you can be reassured because the almond shape never goes out of fashion.

So, now on to colours. I have picked out the most practical options here, and avoided any nail art, piercings etc - they are more high fashion.

  • Metallics - these tend to be a solid rather than a sheer colour, giving the impression your nails have been "dipped". 
  • Taupes and Greys - this is a little more daring, particularly grey, but can look very effective. On the catwalk grey was mostly seen on shorter nails, but having a longer nail does help to balance the colour and make it more feminine.
  • Nudes - from barely there to soft pinks, peaches and creams, nudes never go out of fashion. The nude nail was seen a lot during the fashion weeks, and is a good staple, as it goes with anything.
  • Red - be a sex siren with bold red - a great way to inject some colour and more forgiving than red lippie! Be sure to add a good coat of high gloss top coat to keep them looking shiny and reduce chipping. You can always add more coats of gloss every couple of days to maintain the shine. 
  • Black - a step up in the daring stakes beyond red! The challenge is to make sure it doesn't chip - chips are so noticeable with dark colours. A good base coat, and the top coat tips I shared for red, apply here. Alternatively, consider a gel colour in the salon - a good way to keep them looking good. 
  • Glitter - you can either apply an additional coat adding glitter to your chosen nail colour, or opt for a colour that is already glittery. Be warned though, these are a devil to remove and once you have started the process, the surface of the nail tends to be rough, which makes cotton wool go fluffy. I recommend taking it off over a basin, soaking a cotton wool pad in remover and then holding it on the nail for a few seconds. You won't get away from the problem, but it might save on the frantic rubbing! 

I have talked about the wearable trends, but there were some out there fashions including chipped nails! I know I'm bound to be biased, but really? 

Of course, I have mostly focused on fingernails when talking about shapes and fashion, but there is no reason why any of these colours wouldn't work on toenails too.

Personally, I prefer darker colours in the Winter months, and moving on to brighter or lighter shades once we start to get the sandals out. I think that might be a few months away yet!

Nicky Parker