Let's face it


We have talked about looking after your facial skin before, and all those tips remain valid - wearing sunglasses, SPF protection, and regularly moisturising etc. So, what else can you do? 

  • Mobile phone - if you talk on your phone a lot, make sure you keep it clean with anti-bacterial wipes. Germs from your fingers, and make up build up, can cause breakouts on your skin. 
  • Omega rich diet - a Mediterranean style diet rich in omegas, fish, olive oil etc - so the good fats - can do wonders for plumping your skin and keeping it youthful, plus, of course, fruit and vegetables. Your body will thank you too!
  • Hair products - protect your face when using hair products. Hairspray in particular can be very drying, so put your hand over your delicate facial skin while spraying. 
  • Cool eyes - cucumber may be the recognised eye pick me up at home, but anything cool helps. It works by restricting the blood vessels, which reduces puffiness - great before a special night out. If you are going to try ice, then crush it up first, and put it in a damp face cloth  or towel, don't put it directly on your skin.
  • Keep drinking - I know it's hard to drink water when the weather is cold, but the more you drink the better it is for your body and face. I do appreciate there are limits though! If you can't face cold water, then try hot water with a slice of lemon, lime or a little fresh ginger. 
  • Neck - don't forget your neck. We all have a habit of ending our facial regime at our chin! But your neck can be one of the telltale ageing areas, so bring cleansing, toning and moisturising down onto the neck. And don't forget to put SPF there too.
Nicky Parker