The eyes have it...

Eyebrow shape blog.png

Last time we talked about eyes, we talked about eye care. This time, we are going to focus more on eyebrows. So, what can you do to improve these unappreciated, but very important, facial features? 

  • Shaping - if you are going to tackle shaping yourself, don't get carried away. As you can see from the image above, your eyebrows should start where the vertical line is - an imaginary line from the edge of your nose upwards. Try holding a long make up brush up as a guide - there's no need to draw a line! Then hold the brush at an angle from your nose to the outer corner of your eye, and that's where your brows should finish. 
  • Tweezers - use good quality tweezers, don't be tempted to use wax or hair removal creams. Wax can be hugely unforgiving if you get it wrong, and creams are very harsh for the delicate eye area. Of course, I can wax your eyebrows professionally in the salon, if you would like to try waxing. 
  • Pluck - remove stray hairs outside of the main brow shape, to keep it looking sharp and clean. Don't go mad and make your brows too thin - they don't grow back as well as hair everywhere else! 
  • Cool eyes - wipe the plucked skin with toner or a dab of witch hazel on a cotton wool pad when you are done, to soothe the skin. Remember that the area can be red for a little while, so don't do this just before a big date!
  • Thin brows - if your brows are a bit thin and you want to add some fullness, use feather strokes with a brow pencil - not a single harsh line. Feathering more closely represents brow hairs. You could also try a brow powder (a bit like an eye shadow), with a specifically designed angled chisel shaped brush. Again use feathering strokes.
  • Wiry eyebrow hairs - if you find the hairs in your eyebrows have become wiry as you have matured, try using Vaseline at night, to soften them. Alternatively try a wax eyebrow pencil, which keeps brows in check too - look out for the chubby pencils in the shop.

If you would like to discuss any eye treatment, please do give me a call.

Nicky Parker