Nails get a makeover for Spring and Summer

LR - nail makeover blog.jpg

So what's on trend for Spring/Summer 2018 in the world of nails? 

  • Length - as usual there is an element of anything goes - short but nicely shaped is still a classic and works, but I do see a lot of longer nails now - both the always on trend oval, and the more "Fifty Shades" pointed stiletto nails. Those are not for the faint hearted, or for mums with small children!  
  • Pastels - plenty of soft pastel shades, but more cream than pearl, which gives a more "solid" colour, and makes a bit more of a statement. Your usual suspects like pink and peach, but also something a little more out there like green, teal and blue. 
  • Purple - Ultra Violet is the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2018, and this seems to have spilled into the world of nails, with lots of lovely lilacs, violets, mauves and purples. 
  • White - I know I could have added this in with pastels, but white is quite an unusual choice, but looks lovely with a tan, if you're a bit daring. Lots of options here from pearl, which is softer, or a solid colour which is bolder.
  • Yellow & orange - yellow in particular is a very bold choice. Orange is another colour that can look sensational with a tan - it's a favourite for one of my clients who dances competitively!
  • Bold brights - reds and pinks are still very "hot" and perfect for Summer, or how about turquoise and blue shades if you fancy something a bit different?
  • Black and grey - I know this seems an odd choice for the time of year, but many of the online sites and fashion magazines are still pushing this. Personally, I prefer to keep those colours for Autumn/Winter.
  • Nudes - these never go out of fashion - so always a safe bet. But frankly, why play safe where there are so many exciting colours? 

I have lots of super, on trend colours to choose from, so why not give me a call and book in for a manicure?

Nicky Parker