Be gone damned hair...

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Obviously, there are lots of things you can do at home to remove unwanted hair. Choices should be based on the area of the body and personal preference.

  • Shaving - still the most popular method, and the fastest. Invest in a razor designed for women, as they tend to have a much more mobile head, for the curves of our body. Change the blade regularly, to maintain blade sharpness, and ensure the inbuilt lubrication still works. You can choose between using the lather of your soap/shower gel, or using a shaving gel to provide more glide.

    Where possible go with the direction of the hair, although that can be tricky on underarms, where hair often grows in circles. Shaving is suitable for underarms, bikini and legs. 
  • Tweezers - plucking hairs out with tweezers is best kept to small areas such as eyebrows, the odd facial hair or around nipples. Buy a good quality pair of tweezers such as Tweezerman, or Benefit have tweezers with a brush at the other end - great for brows. If you pluck after a bath/shower, you will find hairs easier to remove as the follicle is warm, it should be slightly less painful too! 
  • Creams - hair removal creams have been around for years and can still be a good option. They tend to be quite messy, so make sure you do this in the bathroom. Once applied, you need to wait for them to take effect before scraping off or washing off in the shower. Suitable for legs, bikini and underarms. You can use on the face, but make sure you have chosen a product that is suitable for this delicate area. This does only last for 2-3 days, so is not ideal if you are time poor. 
  • Epilator - this is an electronic or battery operated machine which works like mechanical tweezers. There are machines suitable for in the shower, as well as dry options. This is a very similar method to waxing, with hair being pulled out from the root. It can be quite time consuming to start with, and painful. Whilst it is suitable for many areas, I would recommend starting with legs, if you want to try this. I highly recommend this if you have had regular waxing, and your hairs are now very sparse - it makes an easier and cheaper option to salon waxing.
  • Waxing - you can now wax at home, using cold wax strips or hot wax. The strips are easy to use, just follow the directions. As the name suggests, the hot wax needs to be warmed before use. The hot wax can get very messy, and this is not ideal for areas that are hard to reach such as the backs of your legs, or the more intimate area of your bikini line.

If you would like to arrange waxing or eyebrow shaping, please contact me to book an appointment.

Nicky Parker