Fabulous Fingers and Tantalising Toes


This month I look at Spring/Summer 2019 nail trends:

  • Nudes - yep, as always the perennial favourite that never dates... But it has had a bit of a freshen up - peach, caramel and coral, as well as deeper shades like coffee.

  • Solid pastels - cream nail colours of pale pink or, if you're slightly more daring, white.

  • Hot and bold - think yellow, bright orange and the always popular red. Red is very much the warmer version, not blue toned. 

  • Metallics - I know - not what you'd expect for this time of year, but still saw lots of metallics on the catwalk. And, actually, these are quite neutral so make a nice change from nudes, if you fancied it.

  • Dark - another strange choice for this season, but dark colours are still on trend - black, blue and green. All super glossy, so high shine top coat or gels are great options.

  • Grey - we've seen this colour before, but it's back again. An unusual and quite out there choice - you'll need to experiment with the right shade for you, if you dare...

  • Length - back to the anything goes, but two key trends - short squoval (in other words square with round edges), and long rounded. There were far more long nails around this time, and even a few stiletto tips, but they really are impractical!

  • On the edge - if you really want to go out on the edge, there were a few "imperfect" manicures with nail colour not covering the whole nail, so it almost looks chipped. Aghh - it's making me shudder to think about that, just what is that all about?

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Nicky Parker