Chasing the Sun...

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So, this time I'm sharing some tips for protecting and looking after yourself in the sun:

  • Suncream - apply every couple of hours, and after swimming or showering. You'll need a golf ball sized amount, or six tablespoons for your whole body.

  • SPF - use a minimum of SPF30 if you have any freckles or moles. If you are going abroad on holiday, remember the sun can be very fierce, especially nearer the Equator. You should start with a high SPF - such as 50 - and only reduce protection, once you have been exposed for some time. Better to be too high than too low.

  • Hours - don't make the mistake of baking out in the sunshine for hours on end. Build your tan gradually, rather than being all out from day one. Avoid the particularly intense midday sun - from the hours of 11am to 3pm, if possible.

  • Watch the shade - not only is it easy to miss the sun moving round, and suddenly realise you are no longer in the shade, but also what shade. Don't think you can't get burned in the shade. When the sun is strong, it can burn you through umbrellas and parasols, particularly if they are not made of a solid fabric.

  • Facial extremities - the nose is the most common place to burn, so be sure to use high protection sun cream on your face - particularly your nose and ears.

  • Lips - don't forget to pack a lip balm with SPF too - the skin on your lips is very delicate, and prone to blistering in intense heat.

  • Sunglasses - not only the chance to look gorgeous, but essential protection for your eyes. Make sure you get the best protection to filter out harmful rays.

  • Water - yep, I know I say it so often, but keeping hydrated is so vital in the sunshine - for your skin and your body, so keep drinking plenty of water.

  • Relax - yes, it's not strictly sun protection, but if you don't allow yourself time to relax, that holiday will have been in vain. So kick back, recharge those batteries and enjoy...

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Nicky Parker