Lay your hands on me...


Today I am sharing some ideas about looking after your hands:

  • Cuticles - avoid using cuticle clippers which just make your cuticles hard. Just gently push back cuticles after a bath or shower, when they are soft. It's difficult to break the habit if you've started using clippers, as cuticles can become a bit ragged, but persevere with the next tip and it will work...

  • Cuticle oil/cream - use a cuticle oil or cream and massage it into the base of the nail - at least once per day. This will work even if you like to wear nail polish, and will help maintain healthy cuticles and nails, by encouraging the circulation.

  • Hand cream - even if you do have soft hands, I encourage you to use a hand cream. There are lots to choose from, so experiment and find the right smell and consistency for you.

  • Weak nails - if you're struggling with weak nails, the ideal solution is to keep them short, massage them 2-3 times per day with cuticle/nail treatment and let the problems grow out for 6-9 months. But I do get that's a step too far for many, so...

  • Nail polish - if you don't like your nails bare, then keep going with nail polish, because it does offer a layer of protection. But use products to support healthy nails, like using polish remover without acetone, and doing the cuticle treatments.

  • Filing - if you need to smooth or shape a nail, avoid seesawing with file - use an emery board, and work in one direction only. Slow down and do it carefully, you're not in a race!

  • Going away? - Awesome! This is the best time to pamper your nails, if you're not tackling housework... so don't forget to pack hand cream and apply it regularly. You'll probably find your nails will grow pretty well while you're resting too - so another bonus.

  • UV protection - hands are one of the quickest areas to age us, so protect these beauties, by remembering to apply UV protection to your hands as well as the rest of your body.

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Nicky Parker