Get ready...


This month I am sharing some ideas about preparing for wonderful Summer events for you to try:

  • Layer up - sadly the British weather can be rather unreliable, so wear layers so you don't get too hot or cold

  • Shoes - go prepared. There's no doubt that heels do look gorgeous with a lovely dress. The problem is standing in heels for a long time is not fun! So why not pack a pair of pretty flatties, to change into when your feet start to complain.

  • Tan - if you're planning to wear anything strappy, you will definitely need some colour. If you don't already have sunkissed skin, it's time to apply the fake tan. Or visit me!

  • Body lotion - keep any exposed skin looking good by regularly moisturising with your favourite body lotion. It keeps dry skin at bay, and keeps your tan looking good.

  • Sunglasses - remember to take these, as squinting in the sun does not look good, and making your eyes water will ruin the great job you've done on your make-up.

  • Hats - remember if you are wearing a hat with a largish brim it will create a shadow on your face. So check your make-up with your hat on, to make sure you don't look too pale.

  • Go bold - if you are wearing a bright outfit, or one with strong pattern, you need to make sure your makeup also has bold elements. Too subtle/nude and you are in danger of fading against your outfit. 

  • Lasting formats - choose makeup designed to last - from foundation to lip colour. Help your makeup to stay put by using eyeshadow primer, and even a fixing spray. 

  • Lipstick - I recently shared some tips for lips with you. You may recall me saying that matte lipstick lasts the longest. But just remember to prepare your lips and pop your favourite colour in your bag, and you'll be fine.

  • Enjoy - above all, remember to enjoy yourself. Too much stressing about your outfit, your hair, your makeup, and it will take away the joy of the day. Embrace the moment...

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Nicky Parker