Water, Water Everywhere

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Dramatic climate changes can play havoc with the skin, so I am sharing some ideas about how to protect your skin:

  • Water - yep, the old favourite - drink plenty of water. If you struggle with too much cold water, try hot water with a slice of lemon or lime, or even a little fresh ginger. Your digestive system will thank you for it too!

  • Fruit and salad - fed up with drinking water? Try fruits that have a high water content like watermelon, and salads - cucumber is a good option.

  • Serum - don't forget our old friend the serum - a fantastic way to add additional moisture into the skin, and a great base for make up too

  • Moisturiser - don't be in too much of a hurry to move to a lighter moisturiser. We haven't really reached the warmer weather yet, so keep to a richer cream for the rest of this month, unless you're planning to visit sunnier climates!

  • Lip balm - again, it's too early to ditch lip balm just yet. In fact, I'd say don't ever ditch it, as balm is just as good at protecting your lips from harsh sun, as it is cold and wind. If you like to keep colour on your lips, add balm then your lip colour, but remember it will be more glossy, so will need reapplying more often.

  • Exfoliate - get rid of dead skin cells, and help prepare your body for moisturising, by regular exfoliation. There are couple of options to do this - body brushing, or exfoliators. For speed and ease, I recommend keeping an exfoliator in the shower, and rubbing some into your skin, then rinsing, before using your usual body wash. Test a little on the back of your hand, at your favourite shop, to find a smell and texture that you like - there are literally hundreds to choose from!

  • Body lotion - start preparing your skin for when you are ready to crack the Summer wardrobe. Again, find a body lotion that works for you by testing a little on the back of your hand. Whilst I'm not a huge fan of cluttering up your bathroom or dressing table, I suggest keeping your body lotion out so you see it and make it part of your regular routine. 

  • Layer up - choose layers of clothing, so you can easily add or remove layers dependent on what the weather is doing. Shivering and being huddled over, trying to keep warm, is not a great look! Being hunched up makes you ache too - so not good for the spine and joints.

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Nicky Parker