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This month I am sharing some ideas about lips for you to try:

  • Pinks - blue toned colours will make your teeth look whiter - this applies to reds and pinks. As a general rule, paler colours suit paler skins, whilst darker skins can take deeper and brighter colours. But don't be afraid to experiment...

  • Reds - always on trend but can feel quite daunting. So, the best way to work out the right shade for you is to hold the lip colour (twist it up quite a bit, so a lot is showing) up to your face in natural daylight. If you're able to take a selfie even better! The right red will make your skin look brighter.

  • Wine - wine or deep berry colours are popular, particularly in the Winter. I suggest you try a few at the cosmetic counters before buying, as they can appear very harsh, and drain colour from your face. They definitely suit warmer skin tones, so you might need bronzer.

  • Exfoliate - with all lip colours, keeping your lips in good condition helps the colour to last and look its best. Use a lip scrub - but not every day.

  • Moisturise - use a lip balm, especially when it is cold and windy. But any time when you're not wearing lip colour, to keep them moisturised.

  • Liner - feathering quickly shows the signs of ageing, so outline lips with a lip liner - either in the same shade as your lip colour, or you can get a clear liner. If you smile when applying it, it stretches the lips to achieve the best result.

  • Matte - you've probably noticed that matte finish is very much on trend now. It isn't for everyone, so experiment to see if you like this look on you. The good news is that matte colours tend to last the best, so perfect for an all day colour.

  • Gloss - if you want to make lips more glossy, you can apply a clear gloss over your lipstick. Don't load it on, or it will just look gloopy. Add to the bottom lip - mostly in the central area - then press lips together to achieve an even coat. Remember gloss finish tends to transfer easily to glasses etc, and needs reapplying more often.

  • Make it last - prepare lips with a light cover of foundation, then powder lips. Add your lip colour. Blot and powder. Reapply lip colour. It might seem a bit of a faff, but it is a good option, if you have something special coming up, and you need your colour to last.

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Nicky Parker