Getting the Autumn/Winter vibe...


This month I'm sharing makeup and nail trends for Autumn/Winter 2019, and there's certainly some lovely options out there, as well as the usual slightly weirder ideas:

  • Glowing skin - this was seen on a lot of the catwalks. Of course, gorgeous skin is a must to pull off this look, so you know where to come if you need help...

  • Flushed blush - expanding on the natural skin look, blush made a big appearance. For a more subtle approach, bronzer is also making a renaissance, so that could be a good option to try.

  • Groomed brows - not the big over made up brows we've been seeing, but a more pared down, neater and more polished look. Ideal for those of us who spent years plucking our brows!

  • Smokey eyes - black is back for eyeliner and colour. There was everything from morning after the night before (yuck!), to the well blended look. You could try softer dark colours like grey, purple, navy or plum with a black liner.

  • Winged eyeliner - you definitely need a steady hand for this one. Try a gel eyeliner, which is slightly drier than liquid, and means you can do it in several strokes. Practice makes perfect!

  • Matte red lip - from bright red to darker maroon shades.

  • Dewy lip - think lightweight and nourishing gloss, not the gloopy gloss of the 80s!

  • Weirder trends - geometric eyes mostly with eyeliner - so not flattering unless you're a teenager! Neon shades - again not for the faint hearted! And, glitter/strong metallic shadows that are just smeared onto the lids... I did say they were weird!

  • Nails - longer nails and squoval shape were seen a lot during the fashion shows.

  • Spiced neutrals in nail colours like turmeric, cinnamon and paprika as well as gold are very popular.

  • Navy nails were also big as was grey, but lighter and softer - more cashmere than battleship!

  • Berry colours - think red, wine, purple - these often show up at this time of year as they are true classics.

  • Metallics - again, we wouldn't be in the run up to party season without these traditional colours.

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Nicky Parker